For all your locksmith needs including car key programming, Car/Truck Ignition key fix/replace , fix Car/Truck key and solutions for Car/Truck lock out.
We made car /truck key's ON THE SPOT!!!

proud to be the number one automotive specialist Whether you’'ve lost or locked the keys in your car or the trunk, broke your car keys in the ignition, door lock or the trunk lock or experienced any issue with your automotive.

Nissan Models Cut and Program Keys and Smart Keys

Full auto locksmith service for Acura Cars : 
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1950–present Nissan Patrol/Safari
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1957–present Nissan Skyline
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1981–present Nissan Maxima
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1982–present Nissan Micra (Nissan March in Japan and Taiwan)
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1982–present Nissan Sentra
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1985–present Nissan Pathfinder (also sold as the Infiniti QX4)
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1993–present Nissan Altima
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1998–present Nissan Cube
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 1998–present Nissan Navara/Frontier
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2003–present Nissan Murano
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2004–present Nissan Armada (also sold as the Infiniti QX56)
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2004–present Nissan Titan
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2005–present Nissan Note
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2007–present Nissan Rogue
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2007–present Nissan Versa
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2008–present Nissan GT-R
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2009–present Nissan Leaf
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2009–present Nissan NV200
Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2010–present Nissan Juke

​Cheektowaga Locksmith Service - 2011–present Nissan NV

No matter the make or model !

New Car Keys Made
We can Cut  and  creates a brand new car key, similar to the one that you had when the car was new!
We have top of the line mobile locksmith service that can be at your place at any time or any place.

Lockout Services 
Every technician of ours can open all the cars and models ,cars/trucks and luxury cars.  We have fast and reliable service 24/7!

Lost or Stolen Transponder(Chip/Smart) Keys ?
We at locksmith-Cheektowaga can cut you a new key and program the key.

Transponder Keys Services :

  • Program transponder keys 

  • Originate transponder keys

  • Delete lost or stolen keys

  • Read and reset vehicle immobilizer error codes

  • Determine number of keys programmed to the vehicle

Auto /  Car Key Replacement 

Looking for a professional auto / car locksmith in Cheektowaga ? Locksmith Cheektowaga is a well known name with a long term tradition of professional high quality locksmith services by highly trained professionals. If you are in search of a complete professional auto locksmith service provider, then don’t waste your valuable time anymore and give us a call to assist you in your security and locksmith needs.

Car Key Ignition Cylinder Locksmith 
Replacement Car Key Fob
Auto / Car Ignition Repair
Making Duplicate Car Keys
Key And Ignition Replacement 
Car Key Ignition Repair
Fixing Car Door Locks
Replacement Keyless Entry Remote
Replace Car Key
Ignition Locked On Car


  • ​​​Metal (Mechanical Key) Double Side Car Key​
  • Metal (Mechanical Key) Single Side Car Key
  • Vat System
  • ​Transponder Car Key
  • 40 Bit Transponder Car Key
  • 80 Bit Transponder Car Key
  • 128 Bit Transponder Car Key
  • ​POD Car Key
  • ​Remote Head Key
  • ​128 Bit Transponder High Security Car Key
  • ​Smart Key
  • ​Transponder Flippy Remote Head Key 
  • ​​Remote Head Key 
  • High Security Remote Head Key
  • ​PEPS Prox 
  • ​​PEPS Prox Remote 
  • FOBS

Nissan Locksmith in Cheektowaga NY

Nissan Versa
Nissan NI01-NI02 Transponder Key 
Nissan DA31 / X210 Mechanical Key
Nissan NI04 Transponder Key

We Carry Variety Of Keys, Ignitions,Cylinders and Transponder Keys From The Main and Biggest Companies  in The Market ! 

​Car Key Made On The Spot In Min's.

Nissan 350Z 2003-2009
Nissan Altima 2005-2006
Nissan Armada 2004-2007
Nissan Cube 2009
Nissan Frontier 2006-2013
Nissan Maxima 2004-2006
Nissan Murano 2003-2008
Nissan Pathfinder 2005-2013
Nissan Quest 2004-2013
Nissan Rogue 2008-2014
Nissan Sentra 2007-2013
Nissan Titan 2004-2013
Nissan Versa 2007-2014

Nissan Xterra 2005-2013

Nissan NI04 (7003526) Transponder Key 
Nissan 2- 5-Btn with Remote Start - Prox
Nissan DA34 / X237 Mechanical Key
Quick Response
Locksmith Service
24 Hour Locksmith Service
24 Hour Car Key Replacement

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We typically have same-day appointment availability and for emergency less than 20 min response . call (716) 249-2944   for scheduling.  ​

Nissan Armada 2008-2012
Nissan Murano 2003-2008
Nissan Pathfinder 2007-2012
Nissan Rogue 2008-2012
Nissan Sentra 2007-2012
Nissan Versa 2007-2012

Nissan 370Z 2009-2016
Nissan Altima 2007-2016
Nissan Cube 2009-2014
Nissan Juke 2011-2015
Nissan Leaf 2011-2016
Nissan Maxima 2009-2016
Nissan Murano 2009-2016
Nissan Pathfinder 2013-2015
Nissan Quest 2011-2015
Nissan Rogue 2014-2015
Nissan Sentra 2013-2016
Nissan Versa 2013-2015
Nissan Versa Note 2014-2015

Nissan Altima 2016
Nissan Maxima 2016-2017
Nissan Altima 2013-2015
Nissan Murano Platinum 2015-2016
Nissan Murano SL 2015-2016
Nissan Pathfinder 2013-2016
Nissan Quest 2011-2015

Nissan 350Z 2003-2006
Nissan Altima 2005-2006
Nissan Armada 2004-2007
Nissan Cube 2009-2014
Nissan Juke 2011-2015
Nissan Maxima 2004-2006
Nissan NV 2013-2016
Nissan Rogue 2008-2015
Nissan Sentra 2007-2016
Nissan Versa 2012-2015
Nissan Versa Note 2014-2015
Nissan DA34 / X237 Mechanical Key
Nissan 2003-2017 Remote Head Key
Nissan DA31 / X210 Mechanical Key

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Nissan NV1500 CARGO

Nissan Altima 2000-2004
Nissan Maxima 2000-2003
Nissan Pathfinder 1999-2004
Nissan Sentra 2000-2006
Nissan Xterra 2002-2004

Welcome To 24 Hour Nissan Locksmith , Complete Locksmith in Cheektowaga NY

Nissan Car Keys ,Car / Auto Locksmith Cheektowaga NY

Nissan NI05T NI06 Transponder Key 
Nissan 2- 5-Btn with Remote Start - Prox
Nissan Logo
We have the most advance machine for the latest computer chips and smart key, FOBS 

We cut and program the car keys on the spot!

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We provide 24 hour locksmith service in Western NY area. We also provide special prices for locks, car keys, rekey and more​

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When your keys lost, broken, stuck or stolen ! You are at the right place. We can Change for you your car/truck keys, replace the ignition cylinder, made you new key from your old one.

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Nissan 2003-2017 Remote Head Key
Nissan NI05T NI06 Transponder Key
Nissan NI01-NI02 Transponder Key