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Locksmith Dictionary

Associated change key 
A change key which is related directly to particular master key(s) through the use of constant cuts 
Associated master key 
A master key which has particular change keys related directly to its combination through the use of constant cuts 

Automatic closing 
Adj. pertaining to a door which is equipped with a door closer, or other device to close it without manual intervention. Frequently found in Life Safety and fire code requirements. 
Automatic deadbolt 
A deadbolt designed to extend itself fully when the door is closed 
Automatic flush bolt 
A flush bolt designed to extend itself when both leaves of the pair of doors are in the closed position 
Automatic key machine 
A machine capable of cutting keys with manual operations limited to loading and unloading keys 


Back plate 
A thin piece of metal, usually with a concave portion, used with machine screws to fasten certain types of cylinders to a door 

The distance between the center of a cross-bore and the bolt edge of a door or drawer 
Balance (a combination) 
To dial a combination 1 number high and 1 number low to verify a correct combination setting 

Bolt cup 
n. a thimble shaped device in a safe door frame that a locking bolt extends into when the door is closed and the bolt(s) are extended 
Bolt head 
n. the part of a bolt that enters a strike 
Bolt motor 
A mechanical device that extends and retracts the door bolt(s)of a safe, normally engaged by closing the door and disengaged by a time lock, 2. a mechanical device (usually electrically powered) that extends and retracts the bolt of a safe lock. It is commonly disengaged by an electronic input such as that from a keypad. 
Bolt sensor switch 
A switch installed to detect when a lock bolt is extended or retracted 
Bolt shim 
A plate or plates mounted to the frame of a vault to provide equal gapping for each locking bolt 
Bolt tail 
The part of a bolt retained in the lock case that contains the bolt slot and maintains bolt alignment 


Cabin-door hook 
A U-shaped latch that pivots to encircle a strike projection 
Cable wired remote relocker 
A spring loaded relock, triggered by release of the attached wire 
A lock or cylinder component which transfers the rotational motion of a key or cylinder plug to the bolt works of a lock 2. the bolt of a cam lock 
Cam lock 
A complete locking assembly in the form of a cylinder whose cam is the actual locking bolt 
Cane bolt 
A surface mounted deadbolt designed to be moved by hand via a 90º bend in the bolt that serves as a handle

Change key 
A key which operates only one cylinder or one group of keyed alike cylinders in a keying system, 2. any device that is used to mechanically or electronically allow resetting of certain key or combination locks, see also "reset key" #1 
Changeable bit key 
A key which can be recombinated by exchanging and/or rearranging portions of its bit or blade 
Changeable fence 
The fence of a lever tumbler lock composed of multiple segments which may be set to various positions in order to change the combination of the lock 
Changeable lever 
A lever tumbler typically made in two or more pieces which can be variably positioned with each other to change the effective location of the gate 
Changeable tumbler 
A tumbler whose reference size can be changed mechanically without removal from the lock or cylinder 

A designation assigned to a particular key combination for reference when additional keys or cylinders may be needed. See also, "blind code", "direct code", and "key symbol",standard for Life Safety, structural integrity, fire safety, etc., either incorporated into the statutes of a given jurisdiction, or a model standard 
Code key 
A key cut to a specific code rather than duplicated from a pattern key. it may or may not conform to the lock manufacturer's specifications 
Code original key 
A code key which conforms to the lock manufacturer's specifications 

Combination lock 
A lock which is operated by local input of a specific series or sequence of numbers or letters 
Combination wafer 
A type of disc tumbler used in certain binary type disc tumbler key-in-knob looks. Its presence requires that a cut be made in that position of the operating key(s) 
Combination wheel 
A wheel type tumbler in a combination lock 
Compensate drivers 
To select longer or shorter top pins, depending on the length of the rest of the pin stack, in order to achieve a uniform pin stack height 
Complementary keyway 
Usually a disc tumbler keyway used in master keying. It accepts keys of different sections whose blades contact different bearing surfaces of the tumblers. 


A bolt, which requires a deliberate action to extend, and which resists end pressure in the 
unlocking direction when fully extended 
A lock which incorporates a deadbolt 
Adj. pertaining to any feature which, when fully engaged, resists attempts to move the latch or bolt in the unlocking direction through direct pressure 
Deadlocking latch 
A latch bolt with a deadlocking mechanism

Adj. pertaining to any type of non-active device applied for aesthetic purposes 
Dummy cylinder 
A non-functional facsimile of a rim or mortise cylinder used for appearance only, usually to conceal a cylinder hole 


Electric strike 
An electro-mechanical strike, which secures or releases the latch via applied current 
Electrified lockset 
A lock which is controlled electrically 
Electronic access control 
Access control that uses electricity 
Emergency code 
In an electronic lock, a factory-set or user-set code or combination that will open the lock a predetermined number of times 


Garage door lock 
A rim lock mechanism designed for use on an overhead door, which mechanism has a spring loaded bolt which automatically locks the door's bolt mechanism 
A notch cut into the edge of a tumbler to accept a fence or sidebar

A complete lock or latch assembly which incorporates a pitcher handle 

High security cylinder 
A cylinder which offers a greater degree of resistance to any two or more of the following: 
picking, impressioning, key duplication, drilling or other forms of forcible entry 
High security key 
A key for a high security cylinder 


Ignition key release 
A button or other actuator which must be pushed before a vehicle's ignition key may be turned to the withdrawal position 
Ignition lock 
The lock assembly associated with a vehicle's engine on-off switch and starter 

Jimmy proof 
Adj. pertaining to a lock having a bolt which interlocks with its strike 

A properly combinated device which is, or most closely resembles, the device specifically intended by the lock manufacturer to operate the corresponding lock

Key blank 
Any material manufactured to the proper size and configuration which allows its entry into the keyway of a specific locking device. A key blank has not yet been combinated or cut. 
Key cabinet 
A cabinet with hooks, velcro, or other means designed to store keys systematically 

Key change 
Adj. referring to a lock in which the combination can be changed through the use of a special key or tool without disassembling the lock 
Key change wheel 
A safe lock component that may have the orientation of its gate altered via a special key and process 

Key-in-knob cylinder 
A cylinder used in a key-in-knob lockset 
Key-in-knob lockset 
Any lockset with a key operated cylinder in one or more knobs 
Key-in-lever lockset 
Any lockset with a key operated cylinder in one or more lever handles 

Key lock 
Adj. pertaining to a device operated by a mechanical key, as opposed to combination, electonics, etc. 

Any device which prevents access or use by requiring special knowledge or equipment 
Lock bumping 
A picking technique that utilizes a configured key forcefully impacted into the keyway 
Adj. of or pertaining to a combination lock that is inoperable because the last number of a combination is set in the forbidden zone 
Lock service package 
A kit offered by the manufacturer or distributor of a product, which contains what he deems required to properly service the product 

Any situation in which the normal operation of a lock or cylinder is prevented 
Lockout key 
A key made in two pieces. One piece is trapped in the keyway by the tumblers when inserted and blocks entry of any regular key. The second piece is used to remove the first piece. 
A locking device, complete with trim, mounting hardware and strike 
A person with the knowledge and ability to select, install, service and bypass all the components of an electrical or mechanical lock

Master pin 
Usually a cylindrical shaped tumbler, flat on both ends, placed between the top and bottom pin to create an additional shear line 2. a pin tumbler with multiple gates to accept a sidebar 
Master ring 
A tube shaped sleeve located between the plug and shell of certain cylinders to create a second shear line. Normally the plug shear line is used for change key combinations and the shell shear line is used for master key combinations. 
Master ring lock/cylinder 
A lock or cylinder equipped with a master ring 
Master wafer 
A ward used in certain binary type disc tumbler key-in-knob locks, see also "master pin" #1, see also "stepped tumbler" 
Mat switch 
A flat semi flexible device which opens or closes a circuit when rated pressure is applied

To prepare by removing stock material from the edge of a door, drawer, frame or opening to create a recess which allows the flush fit or insetting of relevant lock or other hardware, cavity prepared by mortising,of or pertaining to a locking device designed to fit in a mortise preparation 
Mortise cylinder 
A threaded cylinder typically used in mortise locks of American manufacture 
Mortise exit device 
An exit device designed for mortise installation 
Mortise lockset 
A lockset the case of which is designed to fit in a mortise in the edge of a door or drawer 

Panic button 
Any switching device in an alarm system designed to be activated by a person in a panic situation. It creates an immediate alarm condition 

Pick gun 
A machine designed to impact all of the bottom pins of a pin tumbler lock at exactly the same time and thereby bounce the top pins beyond the shear line 
Pick key 
A type of manipulation key, cut or modified to operate a lock or cylinder

To change the existing combination of a cylinder or lock 
Re lock trigger 
The part of a safe relocking device which causes the mechanism to activate 
Relocking device 
Any device intended to prevent normal opening of a safe as a result of an attack, two types are typically used, internal and external 
Remote release 
A mechanism for permitting the unlocking of any lock device at a distance from the device 
Removable core 
A key removable core which can only be installed in one type of cylinder housing; e.g., rim cylinder or mortise cylinder or key-in-knob lock 
Removable cylinder 
A cylinder which can be removed from a locking device by a key and/or tool 

Rim cylinder 
A cylinder typically used with surface applied locks and attached with a back plate and machine screws. It has a tailpiece to actuate the lock mechanism 
Rim exit device 
An exit device mounted on the door surface 
Rim lock 
A lock or latch typically mounted on the surface of a door or drawer 
Rim vertical rod exit device 
A vertical rod exit device mounted on the door surface 

A substantial, secure container with varying degrees of security and/or fire resistance, used to store valuables against fire or theft 
safe deposit 
A typically key accessed container that requires dual key operation, usually located inside a vault 

safe deposit lock 
A lock that typically requires two separate keys to access a container 

screen door lock 
A lock designed for the thin stiles typically found on screen and storm doors 
screw change (wheel) 
A perforated tumbler that may have its combination set by placement of a screw in one of the perforations 
screwless knob 
A mortise lock knob assembly secured to the spindle without screws 

Valet key 
An automotive key that operates all locks except storage compartments, on a vehicle where there is also a master key to operate all locks 
Vehicle Anti-Theft System 
An electronic system in some General Motors vehicles which uses a resistor pellet of varying value imbedded in a mechanical ignition key  

Wheel lock 
A lock which prevents rotation of a wheel,lock which prevents removal of a wheel. 
Wheel pack 
An assembly of combination wheels 
Wheel puller 
A tool used to remove the steering wheel from a column 

The American inventor of the pin tumbler mortise lock and its replaceable cylinder component.

a component designed to secure cylinders or turn disks in both sides of a mortise lock by means of a single setscrew.​

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are devices designed to transmit a radio signal from a handheld device to a remote receiver. They're most commonly used to unlock and start vehicles, We at Locksmith Buffalo NY caring most of the transponder keys.They're also used in things like gate openers and keyless entry systems.

Key Programming

Remote keyless entry fobs emit a radio frequency with a designated, distinct digital identity code.We at locksmith buffalo ny can programming most of the car keys! In as much as "programming" fobs is a proprietary technical process, it is typically performed by the automobile manufacturer. (In point of fact it is a computer in the car which is programmed in the process, not the fob itself.)

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