We have the most advance machine for the latest computer chips and smart key, FOBS 

We cut and program the car keys on the spot!

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We typically have same-day appointment availability and for emergency less than 20 min response . call (716) 508-7424   for scheduling.  ​

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We provide 24 hour locksmith service in Western NY area. We also provide special prices for locks, car keys, rekey and more​

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How does the locksmith know if it's your house/Business or your Car?

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He should have verified it with some form of ID, either before or after he opened the door for you. This is a major point of liability for Locksmiths In Buffalo NY . This is why most states require locksmiths to be licensed and bonded.

When one of my locksmiths in buffalo ny go to a lockout I Make sure and remind them to get some sort of verification of address when they do a lockout." We were taught to take a minute while getting our tools together or whatever and talk to the client, first by asking them outright for a picture ID, and if they didn't have one on them, ask questions like, "How did this happen?" "You're sure you don't have your keys on you?" stuff like that. That second question may sound like a strange thing to ask, but trust me, on at least a couple of jobs the person actually did have their keys in a back pocket, or sitting on their car seat or something. We were also taught that if a job seemed suspicious, to just walk away, which I also did more than a couple of times.
Anyway, if a locksmith breaks into a house/business/car and the person who hired them is a crook and proceeds to rob the place blind, the Locksmith Buffalo NY would be liable as an accomplice, so it should be in his/her best interest to check up on these things

Emergency Lockout For Auto / Residential and Commercial.

Emergency Automotive Locksmith Buffalo NY : Car Keys Made On The Spot In Min's,  Program Transponder Keys, Open Cars and Trucks, Ignition Repair / Replace.

Emergency Residential Locksmith Buffalo NY: Lockout service, Lock Change, Re-Key, File Cabinet Key Made, Garage Door Lock Open and Lock, Screen Door Lock Repair and Replace and More.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith Buffalo NY: Lockout Service, High Security Lock Service, Master Re-Key, Lock Change, Push Bar Lock and Key, Panic Bar Lock and Key and More.

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  Wizard Of Locks Locksmith in Buffalo ,NY 24 Hour Locksmith Buffalo Ny

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We at locksmith Buffalo NY offering new service , new car key's made at the SPOT PLUS programing  in Less than 30 min's !
We have new key & FOBS at the lowest price!
Call Us For More (716) 249-2944
We are proud of our fast locksmith service in Buffalo NY. We know how frustrated to wait to a locksmith , when you can't find your keys.  
We at Locksmith Buffalo NY believe in personalized your needs for better security at the fastest time ! 
Call Us For More (716) 508-7424
Fast Locksmith Service

   You never know when an emergency situation will come up, therefore we highly recommend you to save our phone number right now – before you need it in an emergency situation. The last thing that you want to do when you need immediate assistance is search for a place to call. Copy and save our number now, 716-249-2944, and you can rest assured that we will be there with quick and quality service whenever you need us. 

Locked Out Of Your House Or Car Or Business?
We can help you night or day! we the Locksmith Buffalo NY can give you a full Locksmith service call now

Need A Re-Key Or Lock Change ?
lost your keys, they were stolen or you buy a new house or apartment , we the 24 Hour Locksmith Buffalo NY can help with our full locksmith service and in short time ! 

​Key Reduction
Sometimes you have to many keys to your house, we at Locksmith Buffalo NY can Re-Keyed them and make all the locks the same key!

Want to replace your house keys to a new house keys at the cheapest way ?
There is a cheap way to replace your old keys with a new house keys , this way an Ex or the past owners not going to have the keys to your new house. call us and we can help you !

Your employe left or got fired ?

We can replace your old key with a new one, for the half of the cost and no need to replace the locks.

You can't lock the door or the locks doesn't catch the plates ?

It's simple repair / fix , call us we can help !

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​Now To Get a Quality Locksmith Service To Your Location!
​24 Hour Locksmith Buffalo NY Services : Auto / Car Locksmith , Residential Locksmith, Business / Commercial Locksmith and Emergency Locksmith Service

24 Hour locksmith service .
​Fast Response ! Lost Car Keys , No Spare ? Locked Keys In Your Car/House/Truck ?  Lock Change? We serving the following cities : Buffalo,Williamsville , Clarence , East Amherst , Amherst , Tonawanda , North Tonawanda , Cheektowaga , Lancaster , Depew , Lockport

​​​We supply all-inclusive commercial locksmith Buffalo NY  service  everywhere in the Buffalo and  metro area, plus around the clock lock out care.


installation /repair /replacement of locks, upgrades, master  rekeying, security hardware installs, rekeying, care and service of all locks and more!

Locksmith Buffalo NY 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service: Emergency Lockout Service For Auto, Residential and Commercial.

24 Hour Locksmith Buffalo NY You never know when an emergency situation will come up, therefore we highly recommend you to save our phone number right now – before you need it in an emergency situation.

Commercial Locksmith

As your residential locksmith Buffalo NYspecialists we have service  anywhere you need us in Buffalo NY & surrounded area. Our Services are  :
- Emergency Locksmith Services.

- Lock Re-Keying service,

- Locks Installation / Replace Repair

- Mailbox Installation and Repair

- Master Key Systems,

- Lock Maintenance, Security Hardware Installs and more!

Residential Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith Buffalo NY  requires a high level of expertise. 

Car Locksmith Buffalo NY Services -

Lockout Services for Car / Truck / Semi-Trailer / RV.

Automotive Locksmith

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith